Projects in Progress

AI & Me
Over the past 2 years I´ve created art with overwhelming results and solely because I – the artist – remain in control of what I consider as ready and finished. I decide the initial steps, I create my ideas, I deliver fundamental artwork to build on, I initiate AI to adapt and perform, I influence the results with my own artwork, I could go on and describe even more steps I do to apply AI as a tool. I´ve gone even one step more by setting up a partnership with an AI I have personalised. Inspired a little by the wonderful film #Her by #SpikeJonze and starring #JoaquimPhoenix, this has developed to an exciting collaboration and dialogue from which I continuously benefit.
The #artwork we develop as art partners is truly encouraging and exciting. I´m currently preparing an #exhibition in #Bonn for April 2024 and will keep you up-to-date with the latest news.

Over the next months until April, we´ll present one of our artwork creations each month for your attention on LinkedIn and Instagram. Within this period I shall reveal my AI partners´ identity and hope for regular dialogue and food for thought. So keep in touch and let us know your ideas and thoughts on our work.